What goes around…

Since last weekend, we have been fighting off the cold bug in our house. I usually bounce back quickly from these things, but I am so worn out. I’ve already started to get the “mommy rhythm” and am waking up between 4am and 5am most mornings, even when not sick. Despite the week, we have been productive. Tuesday evening we went to do the hospital tour. That by itself has helped me to feel a lot more confident. For me, knowing what to expect and the kind of environment I’ll be in is huge and helps me to plan. The administrator that led the tour was really great and down-to-earth, which helps too. We have been really fortunate with the health care we have received during this pregnancy. I have nothing but great things to say. The staff at the doctor’s office I go to has been such a blessing.

Today I had an appointment and made it to that, but for the most part, I have just slept. I have felt completely depleted from this cold. I helped out with a few things around here, but mostly have tried to keep my germy self away from others. Unfortunately, Jason handed this bug off to someone else on the hill, but that’s life in community! One of us gets it and it’s like half of this place falls ill.

Anyway though, this evening Jason is participating in a fundraiser dinner for the school he is planning to attend, The Trivium Institute for Leader Development. We have created a YouCaring account  in order to raise support for tuition and keeping it separate from what we raise to support us as missionaries. You can read more there about our intentions in this on the YouCaring site, as well as more about Trivium. Please pray for us in this. The timing might seem a little weird with having a new baby and all, but we both are at peace and feel that it is right for our family to begin this process. Should the funds not come for it, we’ll have to regroup, but we are hopeful that the Lord has led us to this school at this time for a reason.

Also, this past week, His Mansion mailed out there June newsletter. Some of you may or may not be on that mailing list. If you would like to receive the ministry’s newsletter, please let us know and we can make it available to you. Otherwise, you can read it online by clicking on the picture:

photo of mansion nl june 2014


Over the next few weeks, if you could pray for us and the Hill that would be great. Our summer season is very busy. We recently welcomed 7 new practicum students who will serve with us until August. They are college students who are coming to learn with us this summer about living and serving in community. We also have our Healing in the Context of Community Course that will begin this weekend. In addition to our own staff that are needing to take the course, as well as our practicum students, we will have additional guests that are attending that are looking to learn more about our model of care in order to invest in their own communities or churches. They participate in a couple of exercises, some of which our residents participate in during their time here, that require vulnerability and guidance from the Holy Spirit. It can be a challenging but also life-giving process for those who participate. Our HCC participants also have the opportunity to hear the stories and testimonies of our staff and residents throughout the week just in doing life with us while they are are here.

Work Groups – which Jason oversees the management of – will begin soon as well. These are a lot like short-term missions trip opportunties. The help we receive from groups enables us to continue helping others. It also provides time for groups to bond over serving and living together in our community in the week that they are here. We have a wide variety of groups working with us over the next few months from all over the country.

Thanks for reading!




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